My Sister (and Charlie) Made Me Post This!


How’s it going? Are you in any new activities? Having fun?


Okay, so you know about the class that the guys and I had to try, from my last book. It turned out to be deceptively hard… and a really good experience. And now I have a whole new appreciation for how much strength and flexibility dance takes.

So, I totally get this video, on how much work and skill goes into ballet, with dancers from the Washington Ballet. Check it out! My sister found it, and showed Charlie and me. Charlie’s loving his new activity. And he’s getting pretty good! (Not as good as the dancers in the video!)

Then we found another video, with CrossFit guys doing super basic ballet moves, with a dancer from the American Ballet Theater. The guys are not as bad as we were, but it just goes to show you how impressive dancers are. (Yeah Fiona, you can stop looking over my shoulder, I said it!)

Dance is pretty cool. And hard. Just like any activity, it’s worth it if you love it!

See you soon!


Take a Hike (in a Nice Way)!

Hey! How’s it going?

So, I was thinking about activities that don’t cost a lot of money. One thing that’s free and really cool is: hiking. Remember, in my book how we went for a hike with Mae’s friend?

Anyway, I found a great article on hiking for teens, and tweens, like my sister. (She hates it when I call her a tween, mwahaha…)

Check it the article here.

Thanks Traci Lehman (who wrote the article) and Outdoor Families Magazine!

And by the way, if you live in a city, you can do an ‘urban hike’. Do you have a waterfront to explore? Or an awesome park?

Hiking’s a great way to hang out with your friends, have fun, and be active!

Speaking of being active… gotta run!

See ya!


Hey Parents! Let Your Kids Have Fun!


I’ve got to tell you, I was a little miffed today. Tom and I were just finishing an awesome set at the tennis courts, when we heard this dad kind of scolding his kid while they were playing together. The kid is, like, 9 years old, and he’s actually pretty good. But the dad is always super intense. He kept saying stuff like, “Focus,” and “Why’d you miss that?”

A bunch of people were rolling their eyes, but nobody really said anything. Tom and I just called out, “Great shot,” to the kid a couple of times.

Anyway, I have a theory about parents who criticize their kids like that and put a bunch of pressure on them. I think they’re trying to prove something, and they’re using their kids to do it.

If I play tennis with either of my folks, they’re super positive. I think that’s because they were both high level athletes. They’re not trying to show how great they are through me. They also get it that you can have a bad day, that it’s just a game, and that it’s ultimately supposed to be FUN.

We were talking about it when I got home, and Mom showed me this video, from Hockey Canada. It’s pretty funny. And awesome.

I wish the dad from the tennis courts would watch it. Maybe he would chill before his kid stops wanting to play!

Whatever sports or activities you’re doing… Have fun this week!


Cool Snacks


Now that summer is here, I’m playing a lot of tennis, and my buddies and I are all pretty active in general! I hope you are too!

One thing about doing lots of active stuff is that you need lots of fuel. That means healthy food. I found this cool article on some great snacks that are healthy and easy to make. (Some of these might be more fun for little sisters or brothers, but they all look tasty!)

Thanks Super Healthy Kids and Feel Great in 8!

See you soon!


30 Kid Friendly Summer Snacks

Tennis 101 :-)


So, even though we try out a few sports and activities in my new book, tennis is my ultimate fave. (You knew that!)

If you haven’t tried it, you should! It’s a lot of fun.

I found this cool guide to tennis, on Tennis Canada’s website: Check it out, it’s really good. Just click on Tennis 101

Thanks Tennis Canada!

(Tell Genie Bouchard I said hi!:-)

See you soon!



Go For It!


Great news! Sue and I just published our second book in my The F.I.T. Files series! Yeah!


In this book, It’s Your Move, we all meet a few challenges (including my pal Chris, with a bowling ball…but I’m not even going there right now)!

But we work together, keep positive, and go for it. In the end, it’s pretty sweet!

We all have times when we have a challenge, or something that we’re uncomfortable or nervous about doing.

If it’s something that will be positive, just take a breath, gather up all your support from your family and friends, and go for it!

Just remember, perfection is overrated. Making an effort is a big deal 🙂

(That was especially true with the guys and me in the dance studio!)

Check out our adventures in The F.I.T. Files: It’s Your Move

See you soon!


Try It Out :-)


It’s been a while! How are you?

I’m great! I’ve been busy with school, tennis, and dodging stray bowling balls.

Sue and I have been working on my new book, and you’re going to love it! (You’ll see what I mean about the bowling balls.) We’ll have it out in the next few weeks, I promise.

One of the themes in the book is trying new sports and activities. Let me tell you, the guys and I end up doing a few things that are out of our comfort zone, but we have a lot of fun.

Anyway, I found this great TED talk on trying new stuff, by Matt Cutts.

(I love TED Talks. They’re usually pretty inspiring. Do you know what TED stands for? It’s: Technology Entertainment Design)

Check it out and maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new


I’m back!!


So, as you’ve noticed, I haven’t been blogging a whole lot lately. Okay, not at all.

There’s a good reason for that! I’ve got to tell you, this past Fall was super busy! School and tennis took up a lot of time, plus hanging out with my friends, taking care of my dog, Ralph, and other family stuff.

Plus, Sue and I have been writing the new book, and it’s looking awesome! It took a lot of energy, researching it… You’ll see what I mean when we bring it out:-)

With all the action this fall and winter, sitting down for extra time at the computer was pretty low on the priority list.

That’s what I wanted to talk to you about: setting your priorities. With us, it’s learning, family/friends, and healthy activity.

Make sure that sitting in front of your computer or t.v., or laying around with your phone, iPad, or whatever are at the low end of your priority list!

I’ve got to run to tennis!

See you soon!


How not to be a jerk in tennis :-)


Whew, it’s been a while, but Sue and I are burning it up on the new book!

And of course, this is the BEST time for playing tennis here… Not too hot, not too cold.

Speaking of tennis, I was playing the other day, and a couple of guys were being jerks on another court. Not to me, but it kind of disrupted everyone. They were super loud and swearing a bunch. So, after a warning, one of the club staff politely asked them to vamoose.

One thing about tennis, is that it’s a pretty polite sport. (It’s kind of like golf in that way.) The cool thing is – it makes it more fun to play, because you can concentrate on your game and having fun. (As opposed to getting frustrated with someone who’s being a jerk, or another player walking across your court when you’re trying to play, or whatever.)

So I thought I’d post a list of ‘tennis etiquette’, courtesy of Tennis Canada. (Thanks guys!)

Check it out

I’ll be back soon! Besides playing lots of tennis, I’ve been doing some pretty, uh, I’ll just say, ‘interesting’ stuff with Charlie and the guys. But I’ll tell you about that in the next book! (More on that soon…)

See ya!


Going to the dogs??


As you know, I’m all about being active and healthy. And as you also know, from The F.I.T. Files: Balance It Out, I have a super cool dog. Ralph is a a big part of the family. He’s also a big responsibility. We love him like crazy.

That’s why it really burns me to see articles on getting more active that say: “Get a dog.”

Whoa. Hold up. You just don’t go “get a dog” to “make you more active”. If you want to exercise with a dog, you can always help walk or take care of a friend’s or neighbour’s dog. (Get their permission first!)

Yeah, people with dogs are generally more active, because they know that dogs need exercise and attention. So if someone’s going to get a dog, they need to know that’s part of the deal. And not just while the dog’s a cute little puppy. For life!

Also, all dogs need attention and activity, but some dogs need more exercise than others. When we got Ralph, we knew he’d need lots. After all, he’s a Labrador retriever!

So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, that’s awesome! But do your research. What kind of dog would fit your lifestyle.

*Also, never get a dog from a pet store or online that might have come from a puppy mill. (Puppy mills should be outlawed!) There are awesome kennels out there, and SO MANY great dogs at shelters who need a home and family.

Be prepared: A well-trained and well-behaved dog takes work. Dogs are really social animals, so don’t get one if you can’t spend time with them. Then be prepared for another thing: unconditional love! (And lots of drooly dog kisses.)

Here are some great tips from the American Kennel Club:

Bye for now!

Finn 🙂