Active Gifts Are Awesome!


Can you believe it’s almost December? Thanksgiving was awesome as usual. Some of my Canadian relatives always come and visit for American Thanksgiving, because it’s such a big holiday, and kind of the unofficial start to the Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas (shopping), this is Cyber Monday, where people do lots of their Christmas shopping online, and there are lots of deals.

I love getting presents (who doesn’t) and I especially like gifts you can be active with.

Here are some cool gifts that teens and tweens love:

– Okay, obviously, for me, tennis stuff, because tennis is my favorite sport, and the coolest sport ever! (Yeah, I’m biased.) Socks, tennis balls, water bottles… Anything someone can use to do their favorite sport or activity. (My sister gets stuff for dance.)
– Or try out a new activity! Equipment, gift certificates for lessons, bowling, the sky’s the limit.
– Sleds, if you live in an area where there’s snow. When we go to my cousins’ place in winter, sleds or toboggans are the best! All you need is a good hill. Seriously, you’re never too old for sledding!
– Snowshoes, snowball makers (just be careful) or snow fort blocks… yep, same deal. You need to have snow.
– Interactive games, whether it’s board games where you have to act stuff out, or video games like Xbox, where you have to dance, jump, or whatever. (Fiona schools us in the dance games, with Mom a close second!)
– Stuff like soccer balls, skipping ropes, badminton sets… even if you don’t play that sport. They can just be fun to play in the backyard.
– Fitbits and other activity trackers are pretty neat, and they do make you pay attention to how much you move. It’s fun to see how many steps you can get to, and reach that daily goal.
– A backpack or mini-sack for hikes, sunglasses, hats, or anything that makes getting outside easy and fun.

Anyway, those are just a few ideas. So, if you’re shopping for presents, don’t forget the active stuff! It will make the people you love have fun and feel great!

Bye for now!

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