Hey! I’m Finn Tilley

I’m unofficially a 13 year old life coach. Come hang out with me and my friends, in my book series with Sue Comeau!

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Since Sue and I did the book for older kids, I wanted to have a website about fitness and health-related stuff that’s for us too. It kind of makes a nice package.

Wondering why it’s called The F.I.T. Files?

The short answer is that ‘F.I.T.’ are my initials, but I come from a pretty fit and active family, and my friends are always on the move. But I’ll tell you more about that in the book. The truth is, we don’t only talk about sports, fitness and activity. We do all kinds of fun, hilarious stuff.

You’re going to love hanging out with us!

Check out our first and second book, Balance It Out, and It’s Your Move below also. You can click Books here, or on the ‘Books’ tab above to see where it’s available!

I’ll be putting all kinds of cool stuff in My Notebook, and Sue will be checking in with lifestyle tips, links, etc… a virtual grab bag of goodies. So I hope to see you again 🙂


Meet Finn Tilley, a successful life coach – who just happens to be 13 years old.