Tennis Etiquette… Please!!


Okay, so I don’t usually rant about stuff in my blog, but… here goes:

We were playing doubles today against these two guys from another club, and they were so brutal to play with!

I don’t mean they were bad players – they were actually pretty good.

But, they were total jerks on the court. They were getting mad at each other for missed shots, and called some balls out that were definitely in. They were pumping their fists and pointing at us after they got a couple of good points. One of the guys did a number on his racquet, when he bounced it off the court. (They’re not built to do that!)

My buddy, Tom, and I felt like walking off the court, but we kept our cool. We kept our focus, and told each other we weren’t going to let those guys rattle us.

We ended up winning, by a lot.

After, we were talking about it with a couple of our teammates (who were watching the match), and we all agreed: Being a jerk on the court doesn’t pay. (Everyone knows the two guys we played, and no one likes them. That’s kind of brutal.)

One of the big things that our coaches teach us (translation: ram into our heads) is good court etiquette and good sportsmanship. It sounds old-fashioned, but being a good sport on the court (didn’t mean to rhyme that) makes the game way more enjoyable. People want to play with you. And you play better.

I looked up tennis etiquette, and found a cool guide to from Tennis Australia. (You Aussies are the best!) Check it out here.

So, whether you’re playing tennis or another sport… be a good sport. Whether you win or lose, it will make the experience more positive and fun!

Bye for now!


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