M is for Moderation!!


I’ve gotta show you something that I found in the news. My mom showed us, and asked my sister and I what we thought:

It’s a ban on juice and chocolate milk in schools, in a province in eastern Canada (near where my mom’s from). Check out the article here.

I get it.

But I don’t like it.

Yeah, I understand the ‘limit sugar’ thing… But chocolate milk also has all kinds of awesome nutrients. I drink it after practice, mixed with some white milk.

And juice has got lots of good stuff in it too. We eat tons of fruit and veggies. I never drink much juice, and I usually add a little water. Sometimes I have a little in a smoothie.

Anyway, the thing that bugs me about this ban is that they’re not teaching kids to use moderation. Like, don’t have a huge glass of juice. Just have a little glass, or a half a glass.  That’s called portion control! Or, mix your chocolate milk with white milk.

They’re also not getting them moving enough. If you read the article, those students hardly have any phys ed! That’s crazy. And, they sit all day in class. Maybe they sit around when they get home too. That’s bad!

One of my friends used to come over and drink about a half a carton of chocolate milk, because her mom wouldn’t buy it at home. So it became, like, this taboo thing that she went crazy on when she got here. (Not naming any names… Chris!)

Then my mom and her mom got chatting one day, and Mom said how we talk about healthy amounts of different things, like chocolate milk.

So now, chocolate milk isn’t this big deal anymore.

So, maybe, instead of imposing all these limits on kids and teenagers, people should teach healthy choices more!

Let’s start with moving more in schools, and showing kids that you can have balance with exercise and healthy food!

Sue and I wrote about how easy it is to have balance – after my buddy Charlie had some weight issues – in our first The F.I.T. Files book. Check out Balance It Out on my website. It’s really good!

Bye for now!


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