Under Pressure?!?


I used to think that if you win a lot, you wouldn’t be so nervous. Just keep winning!

But my friend, Chris, who’s a star soccer player, felt like she had to be perfect all the time… or she would disappoint people.
It would feel like losing.
I was always like, “But you’re so good! Everyone knows that!”
(That didn’t help. She just felt more pressure.)
My friend, Xavier was the same in basketball.

Then I saw a really cool interview that this Olympic swimmer did, and I realized that a lot of people feel pressure.

Her name is Penny Oleksiak, and she’s awesome.

But, even after winning a bunch of medals in the Olympics, and being Canada’s youngest Olympic champion, even she felt a lot of pressure, and started feeling negative about competing.

Here’s part of the interview. I like how she talks about having perspective.

It’s a good reminder to have fun and do your best, but don’t get down on yourself if you don’t win. Everyone has a bad day!

Check out Penny’s full interview here. She’s so cool! Did you know one of her friends is Bianca Andreescu?!?

Bye for now!

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