Happy New Year, Happy New Activity!


Happy 2019! In PE class, this rowing club came in with a bunch of rowing ergometers (these indoor rowing machines) and taught us… you guessed it: rowing! It was really fun!

In the spring, anyone who’s interested can try out rowing at their club, in a real boat on a lake. A bunch of us have already said we want to sign up to try it.

A couple of people in my class loved it so much that they want to join the rowing club. That’s pretty cool because they may have found a new sport. One of the girls in my class competes in rowing, and she told us that it’s so beautiful on the lake – even when she has early morning practice. Most of my friends and I already have sports that we’re really into, but it’s always fun to try something new. It’s win-win.

I wasn’t all that familiar with rowing. Maybe you’re not either. Here’s Rowing 101 from US Rowing in case you’re interested.

I also looked up a couple of videos. Check this one out with Stu Woo (a reporter) and the Winklevoss twins (who are former Olympians)!

Anyway, whether you’re still looking for your favorite sport or activity, or you’re happy with what you’re already doing, hopefully you’ll be open to trying something new, too!

I wonder what you’ll try this year?

Gotta get to the tennis club! Bye for now!