Unplug to Have Fun!

How was your summer? Did you have fun?
I did!
As you can tell, I wasn’t on my computer that much (which is why this is my first post in a while).
I did what my parents call ‘unplugging’.
Besides playing lots of tennis, we spent some time with my cousins in Nova Scotia, at their cottage.
Here’s all the stuff I did:
laying in a hammock
making and eating s’mores
jumping on a trampoline
practicing my dives (in deep water of course)
playing on the raft
throwing ten million sticks for Ralph and watching him jump off the dock to fetch them
playing cards
playing badminton
playing hide and seek
playing charades

…Okay okay, I won’t bore you with all of it.
But the point is, I did a lot of playing, and only a teeny tiny amount of time on my phone. (The internet access at the cottage was pretty bad, but that was actually a good thing!)
I didn’t really miss it.
In fact, I was so busy, I didn’t want to check Instagram or any of my other stuff and watch other people.
I was too busy having fun myself!
I think there’s something to this ‘unplugging’ thing.
We had a really interesting chat about it, and my uncle said that all the big tech gurus don’t let their kids spend much time on screens. I thought that was pretty interesting!
So I looked it up, and this is one of the articles I found.
So, don’t be afraid to put down your phone. Stop watching stuff, and get out and do stuff!
Bye for now!

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