About Sue

SueComeauLet me tell you about Sue Comeau!

Sue has been interested in fitness and health ever since the days when she used to volunteer with kids at the local YMCA. She has coached, taught and worked with kids and young adults ever since.

Sue’s a Certified Exercise Physiologist. She has a B.Sc. in Kinesiology (that’s human movement studies) from Dalhousie University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sue also has a Masters in Exercise Physiology from The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

A funny thing happened while Sue was doing her Masters… She discovered she loved to write. She writes books, screenplays, and health and fitness articles.

She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with her husband, two kids, and their Labrador retriever (kid #3).

When she’s not playing with her kids (her favorite pastime), she loves to run and play tennis (yes)!

Hey! It’s Finn here! Whenever I read a book I love, I like to know about the author. So since my life is an open book (literally!) I thought I’d put a little ‘Did you know…?’ section about Sue. (Don’t worry – I ran it past her first!)

So here goes:

Did you know…

Sue plays tennis too. She took a few lessons at the public tennis courts at age 13 and was hooked. She and her friends would ride their bikes back and forth to the courts from morning til dark. Sue told me that she’s naturally a little spazzy, but got pretty good at hitting the ball because she was (in her words) “a court rat”.

Sue ran varsity track and cross country when she was at Dalhousie University, in Canada.  She also ran for Nova Scotia in the Canada Games. Her best races were 800m and 1500m. One of her favourite parts of competing was traveling with the team. The first time she ever flew on a plane was with her team!

Even though Sue loved running track and x-country, she told me about her very first race. It was the district championships in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (her hometown). Guess what she placed? Last. By a lot. She told me she felt like giving up and quitting, but a friend convinced her to stick with it… Boy was she grateful. Sue has made some of her best friends through running.

Even though Sue is all about healthy activity and nutrition, she understands that it can be tough to limit treats. Why? Because Sue has a HUGE sweet tooth! Number 1 choice: chocolate! When Sue moved to North Carolina, friends and family gave her mega packs of her favourite Canadian chocolate bars and snacks! (She was really good at making them last.)

Sue loves dogs. When she was super young, she had an imaginary dog who went everywhere with her. (She even made sure he had his own seat when they ate out.) After that, her folks got a real dog for Sue and her brothers.