These are making me hungry…


Okay, so my mom has a friend back in Canada who’s doing some pretty cool stuff with healthy eating.

Her name is Wendy McCallum, and she basically teaches people about eating simpler. But the cool thing is that she talks a lot about ‘whole’ foods – that’s stuff without a lot of extra ingredients or additives – that’s really tasty too. It all adds up to better energy and better for you.

My buddy Charlie wasn’t convinced. As he said to me, “I don’t want to eat nuts and berries all day!”

After Mom gave him the big eye roll, she showed us Wendy’s website, and the food looks amazing! Charlie kept saying, “I’d eat that… I could make that!…” sounding kind of surprised at himself.

Anyway, Wendy’s company is called Simple Balance. You can check it out at

We were looking at all the lunch ideas, snack, and other stuff on her blog. (That’s what got Charlie really revved up.) Check out Wendy’s blog here.

I’m going to go try out the truffles on her blog.

See ya!


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