This one’s for Charlie…

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all having an awesome week after the Columbus Day (here in the U.S.) and Thanksgiving (in Canada) long weekend. Since my mom is Canadian (and I’m half Canadian), we had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. That was followed by our traditional ‘if you don’t move, you’re gonna burst’ hike that Mom makes us, er, invites us to go on.  By the time we sat down to watch a movie that night, I felt great.

(I love taking all the good traditions from both countries!)

I really do love getting out and hiking with my family or with my friends. But when my buddy Charlie and I were talking about it, he told me that “traipsing through the forest” was boring. Our exact conversation:

Me: We should get the gang and do that trail my family did on the weekend.

Charlie: Why?

me: Cause it’s fun and you’re getting outside and exercising.

Charlie: (grunt) But what is there to do, really, on a hike?

me: Uh, walk?

Okay, so it went downhill from there.

But I got what Charlie was saying. I love walking and hiking in nature, but he needs a little extra motivation to get out there. So I had a lightbulb moment. Charlie is (as you know from the book) an artsy guy. He doesn’t just love acting. He loves everything artistic. So I showed him some pictures we have from some of the hikes and walks we’ve done.

Check them out, below. (I love the early morning one along that lakeside trail.)

And I suggested he bring his camera (or at least his phone) and take some pictures himself.

So my friends are all going to do a couple hour trail walk this weekend, and Charlie’s looking forward to it now.

If an activity sounds (as Charlie said) “booorrrrrring”… Just add something to make it fun. Bring a great picnic, take some pictures, look for cool stuff in the forest…

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂


photo 2

photo 1

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