Keeping the fun in ‘Fun Size’

photo-4 Hey y’all!

Some of you may be wondering what Halloween is like for the guy who wrote the book on balance and moderation. (Literally.)

Well, in a word?


Haha. That sounded funny. But seriously, even though we’re a really active family and eat super healthy, we still have our treats! Remember movie night in the book when we had the brownies and stuff? (You have read ‘Balance It Out’ right? If you haven’t yet, grab yourself a copy, it’s awesome! If I do say so myself…)

So, while you can see some of my stash from Halloween last night (above), I didn’t go crazy shoving sugar down my throat. The fun was in dressing up and hanging out with my friends. We cruised around the neighborhood, and then Charlie had a party and invited our class. It was a really active night. It was a blast!

I’m going to donate some of my extra treats (yes Dad, some to you too!) and take it easy with what I’ve got. Xavier doesn’t have a big sweet tooth, so he’s doing the same. Most of my friends are, so that’s pretty cool.

So, if you got more treats than tricks last night, enjoy them! Just eat healthy stuff first, balance your treats with being active, and don’t go too crazy.

I hope you had a fun and safe Halloween! What did you dress up as? I borrowed some stuff from Davis, and I went as (get this!):

Dr. A Cula

(get it??)


Ha, it was pretty funny. I had an old stethoscope, fake ID badge from ‘Transylvania General’, a white coat, big fake syringe, fake blood, and everything!

Bye for now!


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