My Sister (and Charlie) Made Me Post This!


How’s it going? Are you in any new activities? Having fun?


Okay, so you know about the class that the guys and I had to try, from my last book. It turned out to be deceptively hard… and a really good experience. And now I have a whole new appreciation for how much strength and flexibility dance takes.

So, I totally get this video, on how much work and skill goes into ballet, with dancers from the Washington Ballet. Check it out! My sister found it, and showed Charlie and me. Charlie’s loving his new activity. And he’s getting pretty good! (Not as good as the dancers in the video!)

Then we found another video, with CrossFit guys doing super basic ballet moves, with a dancer from the American Ballet Theater. The guys are not as bad as we were, but it just goes to show you how impressive dancers are. (Yeah Fiona, you can stop looking over my shoulder, I said it!)

Dance is pretty cool. And hard. Just like any activity, it’s worth it if you love it!

See you soon!


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