Going to the dogs??


As you know, I’m all about being active and healthy. And as you also know, from The F.I.T. Files: Balance It Out, I have a super cool dog. Ralph is a a big part of the family. He’s also a big responsibility. We love him like crazy.

That’s why it really burns me to see articles on getting more active that say: “Get a dog.”

Whoa. Hold up. You just don’t go “get a dog” to “make you more active”. If you want to exercise with a dog, you can always help walk or take care of a friend’s or neighbour’s dog. (Get their permission first!)

Yeah, people with dogs are generally more active, because they know that dogs need exercise and attention. So if someone’s going to get a dog, they need to know that’s part of the deal. And not just while the dog’s a cute little puppy. For life!

Also, all dogs need attention and activity, but some dogs need more exercise than others. When we got Ralph, we knew he’d need lots. After all, he’s a Labrador retriever!

So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog, that’s awesome! But do your research. What kind of dog would fit your lifestyle.

*Also, never get a dog from a pet store or online that might have come from a puppy mill. (Puppy mills should be outlawed!) There are awesome kennels out there, and SO MANY great dogs at shelters who need a home and family.

Be prepared: A well-trained and well-behaved dog takes work. Dogs are really social animals, so don’t get one if you can’t spend time with them. Then be prepared for another thing: unconditional love! (And lots of drooly dog kisses.)

Here are some great tips from the American Kennel Club:

Bye for now!

Finn 🙂

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