Active Spring Break!


It’s that time of year again: Spring Break!! Have you had your Spring Break yet? Or are you looking forward to it??

So whether you’re going to some place where you’ll see a sign like this, or visiting relatives, or having a ‘staycation’, you can make your break super active.

If you’re going somewhere hot, you’ll probably be swimming and playing a a whole lot of sports and games. If you’re going skiing, then you’ll be super active too. But if you’re staying close to home, here are some great ideas for a fun break:

– Bowling! Get a few friends, or your family, and have a blast! Bowling is always way more fun than you think it’s going to be.

– Swimming! Find out when your local pool has a free swim and get some pals to go. Swimming is always fun! (At our local pool, they get out a ‘Tarzan rope’ during the free/open swim and we go between that and the diving board. Plus we swim at Charlie’s, which is awesome!)

– Try out something new! Lots of places offer camps or lessons during Spring Break. Last year a few of us did volleyball. It was fun! Some people live near ski hills and go skiing for the day!

– Cook or bake something (healthy) from scratch! (Just make sure you have permission and get help with anything that you’re not comfortable with.)

– Tour a local attraction! Lots of museums, universities, galleries, and libraries have special exhibits and programs. You can make a day or an afternoon out of it!

These are just a few ideas. You can create your own adventure! Be safe and have fun!

See you soon!



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