How not to be a jerk in tennis :-)


Whew, it’s been a while, but Sue and I are burning it up on the new book!

And of course, this is the BEST time for playing tennis here… Not too hot, not too cold.

Speaking of tennis, I was playing the other day, and a couple of guys were being jerks on another court. Not to me, but it kind of disrupted everyone. They were super loud and swearing a bunch. So, after a warning, one of the club staff politely asked them to vamoose.

One thing about tennis, is that it’s a pretty polite sport. (It’s kind of like golf in that way.) The cool thing is – it makes it more fun to play, because you can concentrate on your game and having fun. (As opposed to getting frustrated with someone who’s being a jerk, or another player walking across your court when you’re trying to play, or whatever.)

So I thought I’d post a list of ‘tennis etiquette’, courtesy of Tennis Canada. (Thanks guys!)

Check it out

I’ll be back soon! Besides playing lots of tennis, I’ve been doing some pretty, uh, I’ll just say, ‘interesting’ stuff with Charlie and the guys. But I’ll tell you about that in the next book! (More on that soon…)

See ya!


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