Try It Out :-)


It’s been a while! How are you?

I’m great! I’ve been busy with school, tennis, and dodging stray bowling balls.

Sue and I have been working on my new book, and you’re going to love it! (You’ll see what I mean about the bowling balls.) We’ll have it out in the next few weeks, I promise.

One of the themes in the book is trying new sports and activities. Let me tell you, the guys and I end up doing a few things that are out of our comfort zone, but we have a lot of fun.

Anyway, I found this great TED talk on trying new stuff, by Matt Cutts.

(I love TED Talks. They’re usually pretty inspiring. Do you know what TED stands for? It’s: Technology Entertainment Design)

Check it out and maybe you’ll be inspired to¬†try something new


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