Happy (and Healthy!) Thanksgiving :-)



Since tomorrow is going to be super busy, I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving a day early. So, Happy Thanksgiving!!

The above may be what Mom looks like tomorrow, haha. (Just kidding Mom… kind of!)

We’re going to have a full house tomorrow, with BOTH sets of grandparents coming to visit (even my Canadian ones – way to get in the spirit Gram and Gramp)!

It seems like with every holiday, my family has a tradition of getting out for a big hike or walk. Tomorrow, same as usual, we’ll get roped into – er uh, I mean invited out for – a walk. (Ha, just joking!) We’ll also throw the football around (classic). And at some point this weekend, I’ll go and hit at the tennis club with Gramps.

I’ve gotta tell you, it’s pretty nice to get outside and get active when you have a lot of people and a lot of food crammed into your house. Even if you have a small gathering, it’s really nice to appreciate the outdoors. So while we’re always thankful for family and food, we’re also thankful for nature, fresh air, and being able to be active together.

Do you have an active Thanksgiving tradition? If you don’t (yet), why don’t you start one?

Have an awesome holiday!


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