Screen the screens!


So I’ve got to tell you, January has been a busy month! We’ve got a bunch of projects for school, and I’ve been helping Charlie and the rest of my friends with some new activities. (Wait til you read about it in the next The F.I.T. Files book… It’s been, ahem, interesting!) Plus I’ve been getting lots of tennis in, and that’s always awesome!

I’ve been so motivated, watching the Australian Open! Milos Raonic is my favorite player. His serve is insane!!

I usually don’t watch a lot of t.v., so the rule is: since I’ve been watching more with Australian Open tennis, I use the time to stretch or do some core strengthening (stuff like abdominal crunches, mini squats, and v-sits). Also, out t.v. room has never been cleaner, because I’ve been doing most of my house cleaning chores while watching 🙂

I seriously can’t sit still while I’m watching all those amazing shots. I’m always really pumped to get out and play after watching, so that’s cool.

That’s why I thought I’d write a little something about ‘screen time’. That’s any time spent watching t.v., or on devices like iPads, phones, stuff like XBox, Playstation, computers, etc. (But you probably knew that.) So I looked a couple of things up, and I’ve got to tell you, I was a little shocked. It looks like kids are on screens a lot!

Participaction (I have them on my links page on the website) has this new campaign called Make Room for Play. They have videos, which really make you want to get up and get out. They also have some really helpful info to help you get back to play. Because, I don’t care how old you are – everyone needs play!

Check it out

(Make sure you watch at least a couple of the videos. They’ll open your eyes and get you moving!)

How are you going to make room to play this week?

Have fun and I’ll see you soon!


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