Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Just a big Happy Holidays all around! I love the holidays!

Wow, things have been pretty busy this holiday season. I had to finish a couple of school projects before our Christmas break. Mom has been baking up a storm and we’ve been helping her. (I’m the official taste tester!) And my parents are the king and queen of holiday get-togethers! We don’t have a big fancy house or anything, but we love to have friends and family over. It’s always fun and cozy.

So I wanted to check in with you.

How are you doing?

I’m asking because we can all get out of our routine during the holidays. There are way more tempting goodies around, everyone’s rushing around a bit more, and sometimes your usual exercise and activities get pushed aside.

So I wanted to write about parties and special occasions.

When we have a party, we try to have tons of healthy options: We have lots of veggies and healthy dips, we have sparkling water with cranberry juice, fruit, and all kinds of other healthy choices. Sure, we have snacks and food that’s not as healthy too, but not as much. And if we overindulge a little, we keep things a little healthier and more active the next day. No biggie.

Last night we had two families over, which was a lot of fun. Mom was doling out chilli, and ¬†one of the kids who’s a couple of years younger than me said, “Could I have a little less? I’ll get seconds if I’m still hungry.” I thought that was cool.

Anyway, thinking of parties, I found this blog post by Rachel Shantz on the Participaction website. (I have a link to Participaction on my ‘links’ page.)

Check it out here.

It’s got some great ideas! And the charades thing? It’s super fun.

Have an awesome – and active! – holiday!


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