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So, I’m doing some research for a school project, and I came across this article.

It’s basically how to get students more active in schools. I guess it’s aimed at parents (like most other info out there) but it had some good points for anyone who has to sit in a classroom. One big point it makes is that even if you have physical education every day (which we all should have), it’s not the same as physical activity.

We should all have ways of being able to move and be active when we’re in class. Some teachers think it’s disruptive, but it’s totally not. We change classrooms for different subjects, but it’s tough to sit in your desk for an hour once you’re in the class. Kids in elementary school usually stay in the same classroom – so they have to have an outlet for their energy. Otherwise, people get bored, can’t concentrate, maybe stir up some shenanigans.

Anyway, here’s the article:

Luckily, we have a few stability balls in our reading area in homeroom. Ms. Mac actually makes us get up in the middle of the class and move around and stretch. Some teachers don’t do that. My science teacher takes every opportunity to walk us outside for a lesson. So that’s pretty cool.

What do you do at your school to incorporate physical activity?

See you soon!


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