Getting moving

Hey everyone!

Man, it’s been a hectic week! Sue and I just got our first book out in my new series. (Yeah!) And then there’s homework, tennis practice… And frankly, Ralph couldn’t care less that I just published a book when he wants to go out.

So I thought I start with ‘getting started’. It just seems kind of appropriate for my first real blog post.

Have you ever been sitting around, maybe watching some tv or on your iPad, and you realize you should get out and do something? (Or are ordered to get off your butt and get outside – same deal.) Sometimes it’s tough to get started unless you have a practice or something you have to be at.

So, I was talking to our friend Davis, and he told me something his P.E. teacher used to say to beginning athletes: “Just put on your sneakers and get out there for 10 minutes. If you’re not having fun after 10 minutes, stop. No problem.”

Hmm. Simple yet clever. It’s not so hard to say to yourself, “Okay, I’ll put my shoes on and get out for 10 minutes.” It’s easy in fact.

You can hop on your bike, shoot hoops, take your dog for a walk, walk up the street and see if anyone’s around, go for a little jog… the possibilities are endless. What ends up happening though, is that you usually end up staying out – and active – for longer. In my neighborhood, you usually end up meeting up with someone else and riding, kicking around a ball, whatever.

You should try it! Next time you want to (or are ordered to) do something active, just think: Put my shoes on and give it 10 minutes.

Getting started is easier than we think. And usually leads to more fun.

See you soon!


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