Links and News

Did you know that Sue wrote a book for adults, with her friend, Darren Steeves? It’s a really cool story about this guy named Alex, and how he gets his life together after feeling pretty blah. It’s got tons of cool tips!

Check it out on Amazon!


Have you heard of Changing the Game Project? It’s this really cool resource for parents and coaches, that basically puts the ‘play’ back in playing sports. It gets parents and coaches not to take things too seriously. The website has all kinds of blogs and information about keeping sports and activities fun for the athletes. Otherwise, kids and teens will drop out. Check it out, or, better yet, get your parents to!

Sue did an interview about The F.I.T. Files and Sparks Fly, with Luke MacDonald! In ‘Balance It Out’, we discovered Luke and Sparks Fly. They are amazing! (Everyone’s ¬†working better in class, and we’re WAY happier!) I have a link to Sparks Fly, below:-)

Check out Sue’s interview with Doug Reynolds at 660 News in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!


These are some awesome organizations:

Sparks Fly

You can get really quiet stationary bikes for your class, so if you need to move or blow off some steam or stress, you can just hop on and pedal!


Participaction is this really cool agency in Canada, designed to get people active and living a healthy lifestyle. It was started way back in the olden days (in the 1970’s) and then made a big comeback a few years ago. They’ve got a lot of ideas and resources. Check out their ‘Bring Back Play’. It’s got all these active games you can play.

Let’s Move!

Let’s Move is a really awesome organization started by the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. It educates kids, schools, and families and promotes healthy activity and eating. It’s more of an archive now, but it still has tons of info!

Tennis Canada

Tennis Canada’s website has something for everyone, including a section for kids, if you’re just getting started, and tennis news!


The USTA (United States Tennis Association) has tons of awesome info on my favorite sport – including links on where to get started near you!